About Me

Professional translatoIMG_0031B-WEBr, proofreader, editor and copywriter. I spend my entire summer holiday burried nose down in books, both fictional and non-fictional. I appreciate a good story but can be swept off my feet if the writing is good!

I have a rare affection for grammar and languages, and I quite simply just love to write.

This blog is for wordsters, linguists, sticklers, nerds or in other terms: lovers of both the written and the spoken language and their respective differences, grammar, words and literature.

I have quite often been called a nerd, and believe me it was hardly ever meant as a compliment. For some reason those who like in-depth research, details and learning are often called nerds. Personally, I think it is a terrible shame that the expression “nerd” has such a negative connotation and would much rather prefer to use words such as inquisitive minds, intellectually curious people and experts. For isn’t that what we also are? This blog is for those out there who are self-proclaimed, proud nerds who like to be intellectually challenged. Welcome to all of you!

If you would like to know more about my translation and proofreading services, please go to my website www.wordloge.co.uk.